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Kumar Rocker Almost Got His Face Ripped Off Last Night But He's A Machine And You Can Not Break Him

Machine. Kumar Rocker is an absolute machine. Last night against Missouri he almost got his face legitimately ripped clean off of his body. This ball was SMOKED off the bat, 93 MPH to be exact. Hit right back at his head and he snags it no problem. Shitty weather, rainy and foggy but that didn't stop him from saving his own face.

I legit don't know how people react to stuff like this. It's more of just a natural reaction that you have no control over and you just throw your hands up to block your face from being sent into the atmosphere. But stuff like that is what separates Kumar Rocker from myself. 

Not only did he get his hands up to block his head he made the clean catch and didn't even blink. Just went on about the rest of his night. I was also expecting him to at least turn back and look at the batter, nope, just wanted to get back on the mound. No clue how he didn't stare daggers through that guy for trying to push his nose through his head. He's just an animal and this play was so awesome to watch. 

He wasn't even on his A game last night either! 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks, and only 5 Ks. Not up to typical Rocker standards, so maybe now he'll fall to 5th in the draft. Would hate to see it!