Watch This When You're High - The Alcubierre Warp Drive

Shout out to @peteypabs for the suggestion on this one. 

So apparently there is a warp drive that obeys the laws of physics, meaning, this is actually possible. What's warp drive? The shit in Star Trek and Star Wars when they beam out of one place in a flash. Essentially, traveling faster than the speed of light. 

This physicist Sabine came up with this theory, pointing out that Einstein's theory of special and general relativity DO NOT forbid faster than light motion... a common misconception. Duh.

From there, her theory was then theorized and expanded, most notably by a guy named Alcubierre. Giving us the "Alcubierre Warp Drive". This stuff is way above my pay grade. I have zero clue what negative energy is but it seems heavy.


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