Everything You Need To Know From Another Wild NBA Trade Deadline Day

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For my money, there is nothing like NBA Trade Deadline Day. Free agency comes close, but it always feels like things are more chaotic at the deadline. Especially on a day like today where things got started early. So I figured with all the craziness and moving parts, let's break it down all in one place. I'm sure there are some fanbases that are pumped, other that are masd, and some that are somewhere in between. 

Sacramento Kings

In: Delon Wright, Moe Harkless, Chris Silva, Terrance Davis

Out: Cory Joseph, 3 2nd round picks, Jabari Parker (cut), Nemanja Bjelica

Heading into the trade deadline, the Kings were a hot topic. They had real pieces to move like Buddy Hield, Harrison Barnes, and then you could even throw Marvin Bagley in there if you want. Instead, they did none of those things and made some smaller moves instead. For Kings fans, that's not the end of the world, Delon Wright is the best player here. They won't miss Bjelica who was a little old and expiring as well. The Pistons make this move because only $2.4M of Joseph's deal is guaranteed for next season, so they can easily get out of that 12M as they rebuild. Adding additional depth with Moe Harkless can't hurt, and Chris Silva is mostly whatever. For MIA, they get another low cost shooter to help space the floor and provide shooting depth. Didn't cost them much so no harm there.

The Kings owner made it clear he didn't want to tank. It seems like they are chalking this season up to a weird covid year and injuries and want to bring the band back together next year with some additional wing depth. Not a bad idea if it works, but if they have another terrible season my guess is they will be sellers next year.

Detroit Pistons

In: Corey Joseph, 2021 + 2024 2nd round picks

Out: Delon Wright

See above. The Pistons don't need good players right now. Wright's salary is fully guaranteed for next season, so at least that's not on their books. It's not like Cory Joseph stinks or anything, this is just a move you see rebuilding teams make

Denver Nuggets

In: JaVale McGee, Aaron Gordon, Gary Clark

Out: Gary Harris, RJ Hampton, Isaiah Hartenstein 2 2nd round picks, 1st round pick

The message was clear, the Nuggets were going for it. I guess the Magic must really like Gary Harris, I'm not sure if they've seen him lately but that's not exactly an insane return for Aaron Gordon. On the Nuggets side, they get big man help with McGee who is a fine back up center, and they finally solve their issues at the 3/4 with Gordon. I imagine him playing next to Jokic is going to be pretty fun for him. It gives them some defensive help as they try and navigate their way through the West which is loaded with wings/big men, and I think that's worth risking whatever RJ Hampton might one day turn into. They couldn't rely on MPJ defensively, and the hope is that on a better team Gordon goes up a level. If I'm a Nuggets fan, I'm pretty happy today. You brought in players that can help and didn't really give up anything major. Holding onto Will Barton was key, and they were able to do that.

A lineup of Murray/Barton/MPJ/Gordon/Jokic is exciting as hell

Chicago Bulls

In: Nikola Vucevic, Al Farouq Aminu, Daniel Theis, Daniel Gafford, Chandler Hutchinson, Mo Wagner

Out: Otto Porter Jr, Wendell Carter Jr, Mo Wagner, Luke Kornet 2 1st round picks,

Without a doubt, at least to me, the Bulls were the biggest surprise today. You want to talk about a team being aggressive and going for it, well that's exactly what the Bulls did. They got Zach LaVine some legit help. I think most Bulls fans were ready to move on from Otto Porter Jr, Wendell Carter is a nice big with potential but he's not Nikola Vucevic. To then also add legit big depth in Daniel Theis makes this a pretty flawless day for the Bulls. 

It's clear they want to get into the playoffs, and honestly, they are right there, only 1.5 games from the 8 seed. They ended up hanging onto Lauri Markkanen too which is nice, but the big thing is providing LaVine with some legit All Star caliber help. They become that much harder to defend now that they also have to worry about a legit 20/10 guy who can stretch the floor. Theis will also help defensively, and the picks are whatever. You landed an All Star. Good day.

Orlando Magic

In: Otto Porter Jr, Wendell Carter Jr, Gary Harris, RJ Hampton, Isaiah Hartenstein, 3 first round picks, 4 2nd round picks

Out: Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, Nikola Vucevic, Al Farouq Aminu

I'm going to assume they don't buy Otto Porter Jr out, but it's pretty obvious today was a blow up day for the Magic. We all knew it was coming, it was just a matter of what they could get. Some decent young guys, a good amount of picks, and some flexibility moving forward. I think we were all surprised that was the price for Vucevic considering they said they wanted a Jrue Holiday type return, but they caved on that. Considering their future is around a Fultz/Isaac core, it'll be rough for a while in Orlando, but Terrance Ross is still there. He can get you buckets. 

Rebuilds are never easy, but I think Magic fans were prepared for this.

Boston Celtics

In: Evan Fournier, Mo Wagner, Luke Kornet

Out: Daniel Theis, Jeff Teague, Javonte Green, 2 2nd round picks

The Celtics had a weird day. On one hand, Evan Fournier helps fill an immediate need. He comes with risk, considering they used part of their Hayward TPE and Fournier can walk after this year. That's definitely a gamble, but he makes them better. Getting rid of Jeff Teague also helps. That experiment had to end.

The tough one is the Daniel Theis situation. No two ways about it, they took a step back in their frontcourt. They no longer have a reliable stretch big, and Theis really was better than given credit for. It seems to be more of a financial thing, they won't miss Javonte Green, but they will surely miss Theis. Maybe there is more to come in the buyout market, but I doubt it. Their day started fine and ended kind of shitty, which is basically how their whole season has gone.


Philadelphia 76ers

In: George Hill, Iggy Brazdeikis

Out: Tony Bradley, Terrance Ferguson, 2 2nd rd picks

The Sixers are in a weird spot. They were long rumored to be landing Kyle Lowry, but ultimately the price was too high. I wouldn't even say they needed to make a move. They are in first place, have been mostly dominant all year, and adding George Hill isn't bad. He's a quality backup point guard.

But there's also risk involved. Daryl Morey opted to not trade for James Harden, and then wouldn't give up Maxey/Thybulle and picks for Lowry. Pressure is now on for this group + Hill to make a Finals. Not making the Finals would be an underachievement at this point, and the fact that BKN was able to make that Harden trade and turn into a monster might end up backfiring on Morey. But I do think there is something to be said about not mortgaging your future for a 35 year old point guard. Like I said, they'll be fine without him. The question is, for the first time in the Process era, it seems like the Sixers might have a legit shot. They decided to not go all in for the now. If they don't come through in the playoffs, it's fair to second guess Morey's strategy because both Harden and Lowry were there if he pulled the trigger.

At least they addressed a need, and that's most important.

Oklahoma City Thunder

In: Austin Rivers, Tony Bradley, 2 2nd round picks

Out: George Hill

The Thunder now have 34 picks over the next 7 years. That's really all that matters here. It wouldn't shock me if they buy Rivers out, but now that SGA is hurt I bet he stays. All they really care about is getting picks, so that's a win for them I guess.

New York Knicks

In: Terrance Ferguson

Out: Iggy Brazdeikis, Austin Rivers, Vinny Sex Pants

I'll let you read Clem's take

My thoughts are pretty simple. This day is a win for the Knicks and their fans because they didn't do anything stupid. I'm not saying that to be mean, I mean it sincerely. This has been a great season for NYK so far, and sometimes doing nothing crazy isn't always a bad idea. There is good juju at MSG right now. Austin Rivers had fallen out of the rotation and Terrance Ferguson can do some cool shit on the court. All in all I'm not sure what Knicks fans were hoping for, but I think they came out today OK. Again, not doing something stupid like trading for Drummond is a good thing.

Toronto Raptors

In: Gary Trent Jr, Rodney Hood, 2 2nd round pick

Out: Norm Powell, Terrance Davis, Matt Thomas, 2nd round pick

The biggest surprise for the Raptors was that they didn't trade Kyle Lowry. It felt like he was as good as gone. We knew Powell would be shipped since he was set to hit the market, and there is some potential there with Gary Trent Jr. He's young, he can shoot, and isn't the worst defensively. Not great, but I'd say passable. Rodney Hood helps give them depth, but I am curious as to why they let Terrance Davis go basically for nothing. He's shown flashes.

Getting Trent Jr was important because he's a RFA, so basically, they flipped Powell for a young scorer who they'll probably match on. Who knows if Lowry is back this summer, there's always the chance of a sign and trade for additional assets/TPEs, but there's also the chance they lose him for nothing.

Portland Trail Blazers

In: Norm Powell

Out: Gary Trent Jr, Rodney Hood

The Blazers got Dame and CJ some help in theory. Norm Powell is a legit offensive weapon off the bench. Depending on who you ask, the reaction to this trade is mixed. My question is unless the Blazers are going to pay Powell this summer, why give up a RFA in Trent Jr? Also including Hood is interesting, they must think he's cooked. He hasn't been great this year so it's not a huge loss, but he is added depth. I can understand thinking Powell is more of an offensive sparkplug, but Trent Jr has been playing great as well. It's a really weird trade for me.

I imagine they checked in with Dame before they did this, but there's a good amount of risk here for POR. Especially if Powell leaves this summer. 

Atlanta Hawks

In: Lou Williams, 2 2nd rd picks


Out: Rajon Rondo

I love this move for the Hawks. Rondo wasn't working out, and it basically cost you nothing to bring a hometown guy to the roster. You then have to factor in how much Lou Will will improve now that he can have his favorite wings whenever he wants. That's big. He doesn't help you defensively or anything, but he's a vet who will help in the playoffs. Again, they weren't getting anything from Rondo so it's a win/win

Los Angeles Clippers

In: Rajon Rondo

Out: Lou Williams, 2 2nd rd picks

We knew the Clippers were in the point guard market, and everyone knows Playoff Rondo is a different animal. Just look at what he did with the Lakers. They didn't make this trade for regular season Rondo. Honestly what a life for the guy. Wins a ring, cashes in, then gets traded to another title contender. Good work if you can get it. I have no doubt Rondo is going to have a big playoff moment or two for the Clippers, and Lou Williams is having a bit of a down year. Considering Playoff Rondo is one of the best to ever do it, hard to not like what the Clippers did.

Golden State Warriors

In: Cady Lalanne, cash

Out: Marquese Chriss, Brad Wanamaker

I won't pretend to know who Cady Lalanne is, so let's move on

San Antonio Spurs

In: Marquese Chriss, cash

Out: Cady Lalanne

The Spurs finally made a deadline deal! It had been forever, and with LMA being bought out they bring in a young big with potential. Chriss has shown flashes at times, but don't you get the sense that the Spurs will unlock him somehow because that's what the Spurs do? Seems like a low risk high reward move.

Utah Jazz

In: Matt Thomas 

Out: 2nd rd pick

Oh cool, the Jazz got another shooter. I'm sure he'll fit in great with the team that moves the ball better than every team in the league. All for a 2nd rd pick? Sounds like a no brainer. 

Houston Rockets

In: Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, draft swap

Out: Victor Oladipo 

I find it hard to imagine anyone having a worst day than the Rockets. I already blogged about it here, but the TLDR is they traded James Harden for a maybe bought out Bradley and an expiring Kelly Olynyk. That's tough. They wanted to tank, well it's hard to do a better job at tanking but man, that Harden trade might end up being one of the worst trades of all time.

Miami Heat

In: Victor Oladipo

Out: Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, draft swap

Really good day for Pat Riley. Didn't overpay for Lowry, didn't see him go to a competitor in PHI, and then brought in Oladipo without giving up Duncan Robinson or Tyler Herro. That's some boss shit. While there's a question of what Oladipo can be, he's better as is than both Bradley and Olynyk. The Heat have the talent to turn their season around, now we just have to see if they do it. I don't think they have to worry about Oladipo bolting this summer since he wants to be in MIA, and even if he does who cares? It cost you Avery and an expiring Olynyk. You'll survive. 

New Orleans Pelicans

In: James Johnson, Wes Iwunu, 2nd rd pick

Out: JJ Redick, Nicolo Melli

Pelicans get a decent win vet, a young player with promise and a pick. Not a bad return for a player having a down year and then a throwaway big. I thought Redick would get bought out and join BKN or some shit, so at least the Pelicans were able to flip him. For a team that needs defensive help, Johnson and Iwunu should bring that in spurts. That's crucial if they want to make the playoffs

Dallas Mavericks

In: JJ Redick, Nocolo Melli

Out: James Johnson, Wes Iwunu, 2nd rd pick

The Mavs bring in a couple guys who in theory might help with their shooting that they lost after they traded Seth Curry. Both have been dogshit this year but maybe a change of scenery is all they need. It's an interesting gamble for the Mavs who also aren't all that great defensively. Then again they love Euros so maybe it'll work out


Charlotte Hornets

In: Brad Wanamaker 

Out: Cash

The Hornets are quickly becoming the Celtics South. This is now Rozier, Hayward, and Wanamaker on the roster. There are rumblings they'll be in on Theis this summer. Wanamaker is solid in terms of depth, they need somehting after LaMelo went down and it cost them nothing. He was bad in GS but fine in Boston, so I imagine they are hoping he'll be the latter

Giphy Images.

OK, I think that's it. My bird's eye view? Really good day for CHI, MIA, and DEN. OK but risky day for PHI. Questionable day for BOS, and the rest is meh.

Another trade deadline day in the books and man was it a doozy.