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Do You Know What Cocktail Weenies Are?

Often times I am "made fun" of for being from the north and covering college football. How could a Yankee be so involved in the south's sport?!? I will say, I do not know the culture as well as say, Brandon Walker or Kayce Smith. I have not been to the southern tailgates. This disconnect was on full display during this week's Unnecessary Roughness when I, and Katie Stats, had no idea a staple of southern tailgates....cocktail weenies. 

Like Katie, I have, of course, heard of pigs in a blanket. They are a great football snack. Cocktail weenies? Never seen it, never heard of it, never thought of it. I will say, the reaction of Kayce and Brandon discussing these weenies? They have my attention.

For those of you, like myself, who have never heard of cocktail weenies. Let's go over how they're made: 

-Get a crockpot.

-1 cup of BBQ sauce.

-3/4 cup of jelly.

-2 packages of cocktail sausages.

-Cook for 3 hours.

That's it. I don't hate it.