Mintz Madness: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams XLIV, Live at 2 PM ET

Welcome to episode No. 44 of Stool Streams presented by High Noon Hard Seltzer. Fortunately, we had NINE different winners in our Play Barstool contest yesterday, who split the $7,500 Progressive Jackpot and took home $833.34 each:

Now, the cash up for grabs resets at $500, which is still a solid amount of money. If you go 6-for-6, that prize is yours. Let's break down each of the three matchups to give you the best chance to win.

Remember to make your picks to get in on the Progressive Jackpot sweepstakes. $500 is yours if you can successfully go 6-for-6 on the Play Barstool app. 

Match 1 - Hank vs. PFT Commenter

History: Hank 7-6, PFT 6-3 (2-1 Hank head-to-head)

Storylines: The longest lasting rivalry inside the Triple S adds another chapter today. It's the first of two matches for PFT, as he looks to move to .500 in sanctioned matches against Hank. Commissioner Lockwood, meanwhile, aims to bounce back after a tough loss to me earlier this week.

Quotes to Remember: "He's a formidable foe." - Hank

"Hank is still focused on his loss against Jake, that slipped through his fingers." - PFT

Question 1 - Series Winner

Question 2 - Total Points (Game 1)


Match 2 - Ben Mintz vs. Big Tennessee

History: Ben 5-4, Big T 2-0

Storylines: I am expecting a lot of trash talk in this SEC battle. Big T is facing an opponent not named Smitty for the first time in his career, while Ben tries to put out an impressive performance after beating Smitty earlier this week.

Quotes to Remember: "I'm not going to look ahead of Big T at all." - Ben

"I am looking froward to a different opponent, it's kind of like fall camp." - Big T

Question 3 - Series Winner

Question 4 - Margin of Victory (Game 2)

Match 3 - Ben Mintz vs. PFT Commenter

History: Ben 5-4, PFT 6-3 (head-to-head, PFT 1-0)

Storylines: This is the match I am looking forward to the most, so I am glad that it happens to be our grand finale. Ben Mintz might be the hottest ping pong player in the office right now, as he's won four in a row. Does PFT have what it takes to keep up with Mintz's fast-paced action?

Quotes to Remember: "I feel like I'm coming, continuing to exercise and get in better shape, nowhere near my final destination." - Ben

"Ben sounds like Serena Williams on helium." - PFT


Question 5 - Series Winner

Question 6 - Total Points (Entire Match)

First serve is at 2 PM ET. Remember to make your picks and we will see you then. If you need to burn some time before we hit the air, here are some other matches from previous broadcasts.