A 42-Year Old Jockey Was Suspended For Having ONE THOUSAND TIMES The Cocaine Limit In His System

Lindsey Parnaby - PA Images. Getty Images.

(BBC) - Adrian McCarthy said he was depressed during lockdown and took the drug four or five times while drinking in a pub a day or two before the fixture. The 42-year-old had his riding licence withdrawn for six months by an independent disciplinary panel.

Panel chairman James O'Mahony said the use of cocaine by riders was "pernicious" for the sport. McCarthy tested positive for metabolites of the Class A drug after riding at Chelmsford's evening meeting on 15 October 2020.

He gave a reading of 150,300 nanograms per millilitre, when the threshold for riding is 150 ng/ml.

Davison said McCarthy had been honest about his "chronic drug use" - taking cocaine about three times a week from May 2020 until his positive test, but never since.

The only thing I'm taking from this story is the cocaine limit. I read this entire thing and came away with, "Jockeys can have a little cocaine. As a treat." Not a ton of cocaine. A little bumpski before you straddle a beast and run in some circles. That feels fair. Horse racing serves the entire spectrum of cocaine users internationally. From the upscale, fishscale elites to the stepped on, laced up poors. Cocaine and horse racing are the peanut butter and jelly of the equestrian realm far as I'm concerned. 

I'm sure there's more to jockeying than meets the eye, but let 'em rip lines. The horse is the athlete here. Definitely don't give the horse cocaine. That could go awry several different ways. But as long as Seabiscuit isn't riding the white lightning it feels like fair game to give these fellas a little kick in the stirrups. It's not even that large of a change for the sport, there's already a threshold for it. Just bump that limit up to 1,500 ng/ml and have them graduate from speed bumps to full rails. They've earned it.