Some Little Punk Tried Shaming Lil Yachty For Flying Commercial But Got Put In His Place

HNHH - Rappers are often flexing flying private jets which makes you wonder how they're able to keep up with those types of bills. Unless you're bringing in Drake or Jay-Z type of money, it just doesn't seem to make financial sense. Many rap acts continue to do so while they can afford to but after a while, it's draining on the pockets.

Unfortunately, there's an image to uphold for some. Lil Yachty learned this first hand after a fan attempted to humiliate him while he was sleeping on a commercial flight. "Caught lil yachty lacking," the caption on the TikTok along with a video of Yachty snoozing away. 

"I was sleep. I was sleep. It was like seven in the morning. I only do morning flights, so I know it was like seven in the morning. I was sleeping. You didn’t catch me lacking. I was tired. You didn’t touch me. Nobody would touch me. I was not lacking. I was sleeping,” he said."

"This is weird as fuck. Why do y'all do this?" Yachty exclaims in a video response. "Am I trippin'? I know y'all be thinkin' I'm tripping right now... Is this not weird?"

In response to those criticizing his choice of transportation, he reminded them, "I was doing private jets since I was 18 or 19. Trust me, I can do a fuckin' private jet. Why would I spend 10 times the money if I don't have to? It's crazy." 

Yachty elaborated on his financials during an appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, where he told hosts Wallo and Gillie Da King about his monthly bills. A lot of these payments come from things he enjoys like his multiple homes, cars, and jewelry. He also explains that he likes to spoil himself with expensive dinners and vacations. 

Because he likes to spend money, Yachty finds ways to keep generating income outside of music—such as creating a crypto-currency, inking brand partnerships, and lending his likeness to new products. Yachty also seems to be cutting out unnecessary expenses so that he can spend that bread on cooler things. 

Shoutout to Million Dollaz Worth Of Game for landing Yachty's response and a pretty logical breakdown of his monthly P&L as well as an even more logical explanation of why flying private will help you go broke real quick. 

These fuckin kids man. Who raises these little incels? 

Never in my wildest dreams would I think of taking out my camera phone to film a celebrity and then post it in real-time talking shit about them for being fiscally conservative. My parents would have beat the shit out of me. Today, this kid goes viral. The social media clout game is a disease. 

Yachty is the man. He makes catchy music and comes off like a real stand-up dude. He's a self proclaimed "Mama's Boy" and his mom plays an integral role in his life. (She also wrote a book called "How To Raise A Rapper") 

As he mentioned in his interview, he works hard for his money and doesn't want to be another broke rapper 20 years from now. These little punk bitch kids should be looking up to him, not trying to clown him.

p.s.- Dave also had Yachty on his tiktok show