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Sixers Get George Hill From OKC For A Few 2nds And Tony Bradley (RIP)

And there it is. Philly sports talk radio and the moron herbs in the streets are going to flip out, but I respectfully respect the move. Look, this isn't the sexiest over the top play as Daryl Morey could've made. Sure, he could give up an arm, leg, a Thybulle and a shaft for Kyle Lowry, a beyond expensive 35-year-old in the last year of his contract, but if that doesn't happen (which it still might) then I'm still OK. Yeah, Lowry would fit into this squad nicely...but at what cost? As long as Simmons and Embiid are healthy and Tobi stays Tobi, this team is built to win both now and in the future. Bottom line is Morey hasn't led us astray at ALL yet. Trust Daryl's Process. 

George Hill is a solid player (when healthy) and adds to the depth. With him, this already good team who is in FIRST PLACE got better. Is Georgie sexy? Of course not. But he'll make this Sixers team more consistent off the bench, especially on nights Seth/Green/Furkan decide not to make any baskets. 

If anything RIP Tony Bradley. On the plus side it means Embiid is going to be 100% healthy, but goodnight, sweet prince. We hardley knew thee. 

PS - We talked about all of the scenarios with George Hill being one of them we liked on FTLT. We'll hang up and listen.