Texas Spending One Second Thinking It Can Hire John Calipari Is The Most Absurd, Laugh Out Loud Funny Claim I've Ever Witnessed In College Basketball


*takes a deep breath* 


Fucking Texas. Who the fuck do you think you are? You're nobody. You're a program that should be good yet consistently blow any chance of it. Rick Barnes couldn't win with Kevin Durant. He made one Final Four with all that talent. Shaka Smart can barely win an NCAA Tournament game there. Can't even do it when your team wins the Big 12 Tournament. It's a program with a shit ton of money, facilities and all the top recruits in the world right there in Texas only to be a less successful program recently than Texas Tech, Baylor and Houston in your own state. 

Of course Texas would throw the kitchen sink at John Calipari. You guarantee yourself a winning program when he's there. The fact Texas would even waste its time saying that is fucking hilarious. The fact that people from Texas even let them spend a half of second thinking they could throw the kitchen sink at Texas is absurd. This is all assuming they move on from Shaka Smart (or he takes the Marquette job). Why would Cal downgrade from Kentucky to Texas? Shit that could even be true in football right now. Nothing is ever less back than Texas claims to be. 

Let me say it loud and clear. John Calipari is only coaching Kentucky until he takes over the Knicks at some point.