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I Had Guys In The Office (Try To) Identify Female Products/Objects

Back in May when I was deep in quarantine and desperately in need of entertainment, I decided to enlist my dad for a new content idea I had. I tasked him with rating my craziest outfits and fashion trends. For context, my dad doesn't have social media and isn't tech-savvy, but is the epitome of a stoolie. 

He quickly became a follower-fav and to this day I still get, "bring your dad back" comments on TikTok. However, with the pandemic still in full swing, I haven't seen him much these days. Enter, my male coworkers. 

I asked them to identify female products and what ensued was pure gold.

Trent shocked the world with his earnest "blender" guess (BTW, it's a diffusor aka a blowdryer attachment), while Nick became an overnight heartthrob while proudly grimacing after nailing the period cup. My 84% female audience pounced at the opportunity to slide into his DMs. 

While the guys in part 1 did surprisingly well, part 2 really took the internet by storm. 

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the logic behind Big Cat's "muffin maker" response. To be honest, I thought I was giving him the easiest one (a toe separator used during pedicures). Now I'm questioning what type of muffins he's eating. In my personal opinion, Tommy Smokes really takes the cake. Him struggling to murmur the word 'vagina' brings me more joy than it should. 

Ps. I know, I know - I say "rate" instead of "guess" in part 2. It is what is.

Stay tuned for part 3. Who do you want me to question next?