Driving Down The Highway, Looking Out Of The Window, And Seeing Sharks Swim By Has To Be A Mindfuck

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Aquariums are very underrated. I feel like you go as kids on school field trips, but don't go at all from the ages of 14 to 30, when you start going again if you have kids of your own. But there's a very solid chunk of your life where you simply never step foot in an aquarium. And that's rather unfortunate because all things considered, the idea of aquariums are pretty cool. It's one place where they have gathered all the coolest and wildest looking sea creatures in the entire world for your eyeballs to see. It's a fascinating concept to consider. Fish that previously would only be seen if you dove underwater in Fiji now live in random cities around the world, like Cleveland. 

A couple years back I went to the shark aquarium at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas, and it was great. Their shark tank is the biggest shark tank in the world (or something close to that, can't remember the exact details) and it was magnificent. I mean I was on edibles, but even if I wasn't it was very cool.

But despite all the field trips to the Baltimore Aquarium and my visit to the Mandalay Bay aquarium, I never considered once how the sharks and fish got there. But now, thanks to someone driving down the road, we know:



So simple, yet so mind blowing. These are sharks…just rolling down the highway. Every rule of nature being broken all at once. If we think it's strange, imagine how confused the sharks must be. Yesterday he was just swimming around the Atlantic Ocean minding his own business trying to eat Nemo, now he's zooming down I-95 looking at buildings and cars and people. So never mind it being a mindfuck for us, poor shark has to be the most confused dude to ever live. But he's about to get dropped into an aquarium with an all you can eat buffet for the rest of his life, so it's definitely worth it. You ever seen them do the shark feedings? They toss so many fish right at the shark's mouth, it looks like heaven on earth.