The Full Story Behind 'Everlong' By Foo Fighters (As Told By Dave Grohl) Is Awesome

I absolutely love shit like this. 

You may recall an old show on Vh1 called 'Storytellers' where artists would play through their albums and talk about the songwriting/recording process between tracks - that's exactly what this felt like. I miss it so much. 


Hell, sometimes you'll see a musician do this at a live show, and it always makes the song they're about to play hit so harder. Sometimes that's even the best part of the concert!

Fascinating that the opening chords of 'Everlong' were basically found by accident and that Dave Grohl had never even thought about playing it acoustic til Howard Stern requested it....

….and now here we are - over twenty years later - and I feel like the acoustic version may be creepin up on the original in terms of popularity! They're certainly comparable, at least!

You'll see them do this hybrid of the two at shows sometimes….

'Everlong' is just simply one of those perfect songs I think many artists wish they wrote, and after hearing about the pure emotion spilled out in the lyrics/melody, it's easy to see why.