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Mortal Kombat And A Heap Of Classics Are Coming To HBO MAX In April


1. Mortal Kombat (April 16th): I'm very pumped for this movie is for no reason other than Joe Taslim is a fucking BOSS and a phenomenal martial artist. 

2. Caddyshack (April 1st): One of the most iconic comedies ever made is always worth a rewatch. Hopefully a rewatch. You've seen it before, right? 

3. Dirty Harry (April 1st): Simply put, Harry Callahan is a badass, over-the-top action cop characters you gotta love. "Make my day" and "Do you feel lucky" are 2 of the more iconic cop lines ever uttered. 

4. The Natural (April 1st): Robert Redford is so god damn good in this movie which remains, even among very stiff competition, one of the greatest baseball movies ever made. Some would say even one of the best sports movies ever made! (My #6 all time). 

5. Black Dynamite (April 1st): I fucking love this goofy movie so much. This line kills me every time. 

April 1st: Black Dynamite, The Bodyguard, Boogie Nights, Caddyshack, The Color Purple, Dante's Peak, Dirty Harry, Easy Rider, Ella Enchanted, Fear, Goodfellas, Hardball, Kicking and Screaming, Made For Love(New series. I got a screener for the first ep and it was good), The Natural, Primal Fear, Red Dawn, Risky Business, Space Jam, Stuart Little, The Warriors

April 3rd: Ted

April 16th: Mortal Kombat 

April 17th: The Dark Knight Rises 


April 11th: Reservoir Dogs

April 30th: An American Werewolf In London, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Bullitt, Cast Away, The Exorcist, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzila vs Kong, The Green Mile, A Hidden Life, The Hills Have Eyes, The Hobbit 1-3, The Invisible Man, Jojo Rabbit, Just Mercy, My Dog Skip, National Lampoon's Vacation, The Neverending Story, New Jack City, School of Rock,