One More Reason To Cheer For ORU: Oral Roberts Coach Nearly Fought Kevin Bacon In A Vegas Barbershop Because Of Facial Jokes

From the Field of 68 Podcast

[Source] - “This is like, I don’t know, 20-plus years ago, I went and got a haircut and I was sitting there and they have famous people they give haircuts to.  They said ‘You can get a facial, too…Kevin Bacon is back there right now.’

“I said, wow, I’ve heard of Kevin Bacon, and he emerges from the back…He gave acknowledgements to the person there cutting his hair, and I said, ‘How was that facial?’”

Mills alleged that Bacon glared at him and shot back, “You look like you could use a few” facial treatments.

“So I said, ‘I would, but I’m not wearing any panties,’” Mills continued. “That was when it became like, confrontational. And it got to a point, and you’re young, right, and it’s kind of like they start walking towards you, and when you have a barber [bib] on, and he starts." 

Yep, that settles it. It's time to give Paul Mills any sort of job that he wants. You don't make jokes about facials and puff your chest out at Kevin Bacon without being a successful person. If I knew this story before the NCAA Tournament, I would have put Oral Roberts in the Final Four. You need that sort of crazy in a coach. This guy ain't scared of anyone. We're talking Kevin Bacon here. 

This whole story reads like a Mad Lib. Just filling in blanks with absurd statements. And of course it involved a facial joke. I don't care how old we are, it's always going to be a facial joke. 

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That said getting a full on barber treatment with the hot stone massage on the shoulders and neck, facial and hot towel on the face? Yes. Always opt for that. We call that a little treat yourself day. It's my favorite part of getting a haircut. You have to make the small talk with your barber, ideally the same guy/girl you always go to, but then treat yourself to those things. It's worth it, no matter how old you are. No matter how little hair you have. 

How about the line from Mills though? If he said that without hesitation I feel like the entire barbershop would stop to look. You don't throw out the fact you're not wearing panties to Kevin Bacon without having some balls. All I know is I'm now even more in on Oral Roberts. Max Abmas, Kevin Obanor and Paul Mills. Will Arkansas/Baylor be the game I want to watch? Yes. But the fact Mills spent 14 years as a Baylor assistant and him and Drew know how to chop it up, I can get down with that. 

Gonna need to hear Kevin Bacon's side of this. 

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