The Celtics Secure Evan Fournier For Just Two Second Round Picks With Potentially More To Come!

Wait...I was told Danny Ainge never pulls the trigger? That he only "almost" makes trades? How is it possible that this happened? 

Now, let's be clear here. Getting a 20 point scorer for this roster is good. They desperately need what Fournier provides. And for only 2 second round picks? That's good. What's not good is what this means for the TPE. You can't use your biggest trade chip for an expiring player, that would be bad. Very bad. This might be one of those situations where we have to wait for the full details, because there's also this to consider

If that's the case, then you have to start getting into some salary matching. It's possible to pull that off with guys on this roster not named Marcus Smart, and if you were to bring in both Gordon and Fournier with your available trade tools, that's a win. If it's JUST Fournier, that's a bad loss. My thought is they don't do one without the other though. We always knew if Ainge was going to land two guys it would have to be in two separate deals. The Fournier one is just the easier one to negotiate I guess. From the sounds of things that's exactly what this is

Things are flying quickly on Twitter right now so I'll update once the full plan is known. But for such a hugely important day for Ainge and this team, at least he isn't sitting in his office with his dick in his hand. He is finally acting.