Texas A&M's Jordan Nixon Breaking Down In Her Interview After Hitting A Buzzer Beater To Go To The Sweet 16 Is Simply Awesome

What a moment. I don't care if you don't watch women's basketball or basketball of any sort, this sort of emotion is fucking awesome. Jordan Nixon hit a buzzer beater in overtime to send A&M to the Sweet 16. 

Hell of a shot. But this is as pure emotion as you'll see. Every person who plays basketball dreams of hitting a game-winner in the NCAA Tournament. There's no other event like this. Win and you move on. Lose, season over. 64 teams over 3 weeks. It's the event that everyone in the world looks forward to. Hell, she had an Iowa State fan losing his mind in the stands:

Okay, maybe it was the refs that did that to him but Nixon clearly had a play in it. Just a hilarious reaction by this Iowa State fan. Stomping around, screaming at the security guards about how Iowa State was getting fucked. Love the intensity. But this is about Jordan Nixon. That's how you give an interview. Like I said, it's as pure as it gets. 

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