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Woj's Superhuman Ability To Stop Mid-Sentence To Tweet Breaking Trade News And Announce It On Live TV Will Never Cease To Amaze

It's officially NBA Trade Deadline day which means sleep is not an option for Woj. This man cannot allow himself to get out-scooped by that wanna-be we call Shams. Doesn't matter how big or small the trade, it must be reported posthaste. That means if you're doing a midnight hit with SVP, the moment that phone buzzes you best be tweeting. Right smack dab in the middle of talking some Norman Powell, Kyle Lowry trade buzz, there it is...a done deal. The multi-tasking ability to be talking Raptors trades, while reading the text/email, and tweeting this below is simply talent unmatched. No typos, no mistakes, just perfection. Shams tries to do this he spontaneously combusts. For Woj that was a regular Wednesday night.

Not exactly a Woj Nuke, but you think he cares? News is news and the people must know immediately. Tough to be Delon Wright and Cory Jospeh on a night like tonight huh? Wright gets called for traveling with the Pistons down 2 and less than 30 seconds left while Jospeh played 21 minutes for the Kings and only mustered up two points and three turnovers. Deemed just a "small one" as it's broken on live TV. Brutal. The trade deadline madness has officially begun. Will the Raptors break it all up? Are the Knicks going to pull the most classic Knicks trade ever and bring in Drummond (shoot me if they do)? Are the Heat going to add? Will the Wizards get a godfather offer for Beal? Well we're all going to bed now and probably waking up to 2-3 deals in the AM. But one person not going to be bed...the legend we call Woj. Tonight his blood gets taken over by caffeine and his eyes remain wide open until 3:00 PM hits on the East Coast. Shams is probably sound asleep while the real hero is at work reporting all of the news. Woj is the true GOAT