Seth Greenberg Has Absolutely No Idea What He's Talking About With Jordan Bohannon And The NCAA

Take a look at Seth Greenberg. Guy took one clip from Jordan Bohannon on Barstool Bench Mob (listen here) and turned him into a villain.

I have been friendly with Bohannon all year. He has been such a big help with us growing and he’s just a great dude. Now you have baldy going on a rant that Jordan’s somehow ungrateful for what the NCAA gave him in a care package and compared it to other people having to go to homeless shelters and food banks. If we’re going to do that why don't we take your million dollar home and say how ungrateful you are with other people are struggling.

Jordan never said anything like that. He was just explaining that the NCAA is making $900 Million off this tournament and he got a bunch of deodorant which is more funny than anything. To take it to this extent and make Jordan a villain for no reason is crazy. Seth also said Jordan used the “F word” in the interview which makes him ungrateful. Hey Seth, Fuck off. A college kid cursed, get over it.

Come on the podcast, coward. I would love to talk to you about it all because you are just straight up wrong.