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The Carolina Disco Turkeys Have Thrown Their Hat In The Ring For Best New Team Name And Logo

I don't know what is in the water down there with all the Independent League teams but I LOVE it. We've got a new team and much like last week and the Otterbots, they knocked this name out of the park. I'm getting a huge semi pro vibe from this logo too, just seems like a Jackie Moon type bird. Like I said last week, you want to make a name for yourself? You want to get publicity? Don't say you're the "Sox" or "Tigers" or something bland like that. Hit us with something like this. 

And to the naked eye you would think it was an actual turkey at a disco. But no, do some deeper digging and you'll see it is a peacock. *Billy Football voice* A Disco Turkey is a nickname for a Peacock. Look at the thing on it's head! Look at the spread of feathers behind it! It's a damn Peacock and I love it! They're royalty of the bird world. The disco name makes sense because of the colors and all that so this is a great nickname and an even better logo. Look at that peacock in the club with his suit on and baseball bat over his shoulder. Better not leave your girl around him.

Giphy Images.

I mean that peacock is John Travolta from "Saturday Night Fever", that has to be who they molded the logo after. The colors go so well together too, the light blue, the orangish peach, the purple. This feels like a great logo for an old school created Madden team too. The next step has to be to introduce a live peacock in a white suit dancing around the stadium or give us an unreal good looking mascot costume. Like a very realistic mascot costume, it's only right.