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Senator Marco Rubio Says That There Are UFOs Flying Over Our Military Bases That We Can't Identify...That Sounds Not Great

(TMZ)--..."His argument's simple ... we don't know what's flying above our military bases -- or our not-so-friendly skies, for that matter -- and his colleagues on the Senate Committee on Intelligence need to figure it out because "maybe it's another country, and that would be bad news too."

Luckily for us humans ... the Pentagon's on it after forming a new task force last August to investigate UFOs spotted by U.S. military aircraft. Remember, the Pentagon had already declassified UFO videos they describe as "unexplained aerial phenomena."

Well this sounds EXACTLY like the plot to a movie that I have already seen. The aliens have smartened up since the release of Independence Day in 1996. In that war they came for the cities first to just exterminate a bunch of fucking idiots like you and me. People who could've been easily enslaved after they defeated our governments and militaries. Like imagine if the aliens had just gone after our air bases first instead of blowing up this moron?

The Aliens studied the tape and now they know what they're doing. An advanced scout of our bases. Ready to pounce. All they have to do is zip through the universe, blow our dumb asses up, and that will be all she wrote for humanity. We will be breaking rocks and sucking alien dick until they've extracted every resource and blow up the planet with a laser beam. That's clearly the move at this point. Feels like the government knows about it too. 

The Government is tipping their hand big time. They're letting the Navy release documented UFO footage from 2004. They're tying the CIA classified UFO docs into the covid relief bill. They are getting the public warmed up for the bad news and the bad news is that the aliens are coming to take our lunch. Like who cares about the national debt going to a gazillion because money won't matter when the aliens land anyways. There's no hope for a brighter future where we come together too. It seems like every human hates every other human more than ever. I bet some people will even sign up to be team alien when the arrive. Liberals, for example. 

The only thing scarier than this being aliens is if it's actually China or Russia. If we've been passed so badly by the Chinese in military aviation that they've got shit flying over our military bases that is so advanced that we don't even know what the fuck it is to the point that Marco Rubio is like "yeah, well, it might be aliens"…that is a problem. Overlords are coming. I just don't know if they're little green men from outer space or commie reds led by Xi. I'd prefer fight green than red in that scenario. Greens have to travel. Earth is still a home game for China. Either way, we need to get on the ball before we get run off the globe.