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Whitlow's Closing Is Literally The Worst News I Have Ever Heard In My Entire Life


Seeing this today shook me to my core. Rocked the entire foundation of my life. Made me question the world and existence as we know it. 

Whitlow's is an unbelievable bar in Arlington Virginia. Its rooftop is perhaps the happiest place on Earth. Whitlow's has live music, it has brunch, it has wings, it has beer, it has sports, it has everything. It's one of the my favorite bars ever, and now it's closing and I am very sad about it.

Every city has that bar that everyone loves. I think Whitlow's is that one for Arlington. I mean ATown was great, and I loved ATown, but when it closed you were like "yeah...I guess that makes sense" (Love you Scott). Bracket Room was fine, but I don't know, it only held like 13 people at a time, though we did have an unreal World Cup watch party there in 2014. I'd say Clarendon Grill is another one similar to Whitlow's, and THAT is closed too! And so is Mister Days! All of our bars are closed!!!! Someone better go put Don Tito in bubble wrap.

I wish I knew who the landlord was so I could beat them up aka say mean words about them on the internet. Just chill out on the rent, bro. They're doing the best they can! 

A lot of people are tagging Dave/Barstool Fund. Hopefully it works, but I have no idea. It's such a fucking bummer. Hopefully Whitlow's and the land lord can come to an agreement and put this issue behind them. Because an Arlington without Whitlows is no Arlington at all.