Round Two Of The Barstool College Gaming Championship Is Tonight And Is There ANYONE Who Can Compete With The Defending MVP Ebatez?

Mrags, the Co-Host of The Barstool College Gaming Championship, eloquently broke down round numero dos that takes place tonight at 7pm on my stars? Well, it starts and ends with the former MVP Ebatez. 

Look at that shit. LOOK AT IT. Many foes across the country should be worried about the mighty MVP out of Grand Canyon. But can you even get scared if you someway, somehow go to a D-III school in Texas? That's debatable, as we see with my wildcards at Trinity (TX). 

And then there's the Dukes at JMU. Always here. Always prepared.

But then you got slayers like StanMan34 who have come to play for Team MSU.


It'll be exciting to see, for sure. Tonight. 7pm. Neil Armstrong walked on the goddamn moon.