Dan Snyder Is Being Forced To Sell The Team!!!! No Wait....He's Buying The Other 40% From The Minority Owners And Owning The ENTIRE THING


I...I am at a loss for words. I do not know how to process this. We've all been sitting around, hoping the independent investigation into Dan Snyder would force him to sell the team, and while we are waiting for that, he just bought up the remaining 40%. I am speechless. 

This is one of the times I truly don't know what to type. I don't get how it's real. Does this mean the investigation will do nothing? Or is the NFL Finance Committee completely separate and just because they approved a $450 million debt waiver, it has nothing to do with the league office and there's still a chance he can be forced to sell? Maybe? 

I am truly baffled. If we thought he was the devil on earth while owning 60% of the team, what are we going to do now that he owns 100%? What a terrible, terrible day.