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Paige Bueckers Ate Syracuse's Zone For Dinner Last Night

The last time Syracuse beat UConn was in 1996. I wasn't alive. Neither was Paige Bueckers and pretty much everyone in this game. 

Tonight wasn't much different. There was a point in the 1st quarter when UConn was up just 2 points, but it got out of hand fast. That's just how it works when you play a team with Paige Bueckers and you decide to play a zone. Bueckers ate the zone for dinner tonight. These passes were just phenomenal to watch:

Next up for UConn will be Iowa, who has another phenomenal freshman, Caitlin Clark:

The discussion is who is the better standout freshman...Clark or Bueckers? Clark has the stats, but Bueckers is on the much better team. HerHoopStats has UConn as a significantly better team (21-point difference in power rating). HerHoopStats also has Bueckers as the better player (11.6 win shares to 8.7). Bueckers will continue her dominance in the S16.