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It's Been 20 Years Since Randy Johnson Obliterated That Poor Dove

Maybe my favorite MLB clip of all time and maybe the most famous baseball animal involved clip. Randy Johnson up on the bump getting ready in his last spring training start and he's itching to go. He and the Giants were bumping heads for a while and it was reaching a boiling point when some no name guy pimped a double off Randy the batter before this, so naturally, Johnson was pissed off. Next guy steps in the box and Johnson unleashes a fastball and BOOM.

The batter steps back, the catcher bails out looking like he saw a ghost, and meanwhile this poor dove just took it's last breath and is flopping all over the ground. Randy is just walking off the mound and he's not too sure what to do. Jeff Kent came over and picked up the bird, put it in a bag and took it back to the clubhouse.

Honestly it's one of the most shocking things that I've ever seen in sports. Just the fact that it happened is mind blowing. Just the fact that a bird was hit by a ball thrown is insane. I need some math guy to give me a breakdown of the chances of this happening. Like if that pitch is .00005 MPH slower that doesn't happen. If the bird is flying one flap faster he is still alive today.  Just an incredible scene and one of the most memorable clips ever.

RIP the dove and Happy Anniversary Randy.