Where Do You Rank Hoosiers On Your All Time Sports Movies List? (FULL MOVIE)

I've actually posted Hoosiers before but it's basically impossible for me not to run it back this time of year. As the experts say: 

This Is March

And on the subject of which - some people over the livestream this weekend said that Hoosiers doesn't hold up. I don't want to point fingers and out people, but I have coworkers with depreciating respect levels for this 1986 classic that was formally preserved by United States Congress in 2001. Far be it from me to tell you what to enjoy, but I did find it interesting that Pres said that he's watched it Thousands of times. Who can blame him? 

Higher level though I have to wonder which movie means more to their respective community. Do you think Notre Dame people identify with Rudy more than Indiana High School Basketball do with Hoosiers? My gut says it's the high school crowd just because it makes more sense. But deep in my plums I know there's an entire generation walking this planet that was inspired by Rudy's triumphs. To me that's a decent toss up but I suppose the edge goes to Hoosiers. Even if Gene Hackman doesn't want the edge. 

Speaking of which, I would lace them up for Norm Dale so fucking hard. That guy is solely and singularly dedicated to beating his opposition. Nothing more or less and he'll sacrifice body, mind and reputation to get his results. That's the kind of visionary I can respect and for that reason, I'm in. Just tell me who to foul. 

Additional informal reactions to fictional coaches in no particular order. 

Gordon Bomaby (Mighty Ducks) - You're not a players' coach if you're fucking the team mom so we'd probably have some trust issues. And I certainly wouldn't enjoy his personal problems creeping into team conditioning. But end of the day the guy's got a great feel for team chemistry and knows how to keep the locker room light. He's already made his mistakes off the ice. I can work hard for a coach that wants to better himself. 

Lou Brown (Major League) - I'm certain Lou Brown would hate my fucking guts inside and out but it would still be the best summer of my life. I would sit so close to him on the bench just to hear his audible reactions to gameplay. That's some of the rawest emotion you can find in sports - a salty seasoned  baseball manager with no patience for pussyfooting. One of the meanest kinda guys you'l meet and naturally one of the funniest. Sign me up. 

Jimmy Dugan (A League Of Their Own) - Bad influence, of course. But same time I always wanted space to figure my own shit out. I hate when you make one mistake the coach is breathing down your neck. Jimmy Dugan was always so hammered there's no way he'd criticize you for missing the cut off man or not getting a good secondary lead. He doesn't have time for that bullshit. Wins and losses move his proverbial needle and not much else. Those are easy guys to play for if you have good individual players but otherwise it's a disastrous coaching strategy. 

Chubbs Peterson (Happy Gilmore) - Too much "Me Me Me" from the coach. All about making good on his failures. That's a tough attitude to take instruction from because it's so selfish. I'd have a hard time working and playing for a coach that always saw my performance through the lens of his mistakes. Need more positivity and a more aesthetically pleasing prosthetic. 

Bud Kilmer (Varsity Blues) - No fucking thanks. 

Jackie Moon (Semi-Pro) - a little too involved for my liking especially on the basketball court. I know a lot of people hate this guys guts too but I always enjoyed his passion for the game. Also bonus points for playing time. Lots of playing time going around the Tropics. Shoutout me for snagging this one in the 5th round.

Danny O'Shea (Little Giants) - Such a pussy but also such a feel good neighborhood dad coach. Everyone had one of them in their life and I feel like Danny O'Shea is the perfect symbol of that dad: holding the clipboard, smiling like an idiot with the whistle around his neck not having one valid idea as to what the hell he's doing. Classic youth sports coach that I would let me play shortstop even though I sucked at shortstop just because I wanted to. A guy who knows it's all about the positive memories and building strong relationships. That's the best kind of youth coach other than the one that buys you sweet uniforms and takes you on sweet trips. 

Kevin O'Shea (Little Giants) - Now we're fuckin talking. Give me the custom jersey with the name on the back and all the fire gear that comes with it. Kevin O'Shea is the epitome of travel sports dad complete with the SUV with the team logo stenciled onto the back windshield. This dude was out there wearing coaching shorts and chewing the gum hard in aviators long before it made a comeback. He knew his personnel inside and out but his fatal flaw was not respecting his opponent. He and I would get along swimmingly but he wouldn't appreciate my tendency to mail in 50% of practices. Same time everyone gives a legend an extra 5-10% consistency and that's exactly what I'd do. 

Billy Heyhood (Night Nurses From Jersey) - I would stuff that little shit in a locker no offense. Great movie and funny kid but there's no way my ego is getting coached up by a 12 year old. Again great movie just not my coach. Never has been. 


That's the end of the list for now. I actually forgot this started with me talking about Hoosiers which is a great movie. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. It definitely holds up.