This "Thank You For Mookie Betts" Billboard Outside Fenway Park Is Such An Incredibly Kind Gesture By Dodgers Fans

Really not much to do here but tip your cap to all those humble, respectful Dodgers fans out there. Not only did LA do the Sox a giant favor by taking that burden of a generational talent in Mookie Betts off their hands, but now they're sending back a thank you note as well. I'm sure every Boston fan out there really appreciates this gesture. 

Odd that Carrabis chose to not blog this, he must be busy looking for someone's piss to pass some steroid tests with. There's a lot of mean spirited people in this world, like the ones who made this when the Dodgers came back to Boston after losing the '18 WS... 

Well it's nice to know some genuine nice folks still exist on this planet. Get me to next Thursday, my body is ready for Opening Day.