The NFL Might Air a Playoff Game Exclusively on Amazon

The NFL announced its new $110 billion TV deal last week, which includes Thursday Night Football going from Fox to exclusively streaming on Amazon for a mere $1.3 billion per year. Amazon has gotten into the mix with TNF in recent years, streaming some games in addition to them being on linear television, but I was surprised to see the NFL put one of its properties exclusively online so relatively soon.

But starting this season, you'll now have to go to Amazon for your NFL fix, too. And Thursday Night Football isn't all they got. Apparently, if the Thursday Night streams do well enough, Jeff Bezos can have his very own NFL Playoff game, as well.

Everybody is going to forget about this until it ends up happening and then the olds are going to have an absolute meltdown. Most people over the age of 45 are going to forget about TNF for the regular season and then find out they have to navigate this newfangled internet to watch a Wild Card game and the takes are going to be spicy. I can't wait.

We already subjected this demographic to a Playoff game that turned the objective into reaching the slime zone and now they have to figure out how to stream a game on their Smart TV? God bless anyone who's a fan of one of the teams playing in whatever game Amazon gets, because they're going to be fielding questions from their dad well into the first quarter.