News Announcer Goes Old School Big Cat And Uses MS Paint To Show NCAA Tournament Highlights Because Of Dumb NCAA Rule

Credit to Andrew Clay here. The man has a creativity side. He could have just blasted the NCAA and read scores. Nope, he went old school Big Cat Barstool safe mode; 

And now I just want all my NCAA Tournament highlights done in MS Paint. I already watch every second of every game. There already are a million different shows with highlights. Give me MS Paint and spruce up the local news. MS Paint was a staple of any of us that grew up in the 90s. It's the one thing you could always rely on to waste some time when the disc for Oregon Trail wasn't working or someone was on the phone. It's good to see it used for something like this. For the good of the local news. 

The NCAA has a dumb rule. You can only show so many seconds of highlights. You can't show any until the show wraps up. All dumb. It's all a money maker for Turner, I get all that. But I don't want to watch 2 clips of a hell of a game. I want to wind down with real highlights. That's where we need Andrew Clay. Every network in America should be getting him on the phone right now for MS Paint highlights. Don't just stop at the NCAA Tournament. Use it for MLB, because I'm pretty sure you can't show any homeruns there. 

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Fucking Ubaldo Jiminez.