Steven Spielberg Cast Seth Rogen To Play His Zany Uncle In His Upcoming Movie

" Steven Spielberg’s next feature film is picking up steam as he has found the next A-lister to join the ensemble of the film which is loosely based on the director’s childhood growing up in Arizona. Sources tell Deadline that Seth Rogen is set to play the favorite uncle of young Spielberg in the untitled pic from Amblin that already has Michelle Williams on board to play a role inspired by Spielberg’s mom, but with a separate and original voice." 

This is the first time Spielberg is writing as well as directing a movie since 'A.I.', and this casting is shaping up great. Michelle Williams is a phenomenal actress with great dramatic chops, and Rogen is Rogen. He can handle both the comedic elements and is sneaky good at dramatics too when he wants to be. 

Spielberg is and always will be a legend. That said, the majority of his work from 2000-2020 hasn't been even close to as good as his work from 1980-2000. I don't want to speculate as to why, and it doesn't matter much in the long run since his name will always draw a huge crowd. On it's face, I think that this can potentially be a return to form for him. You gotta think that this (his life) is a passionate subject for him, and he is on the script. That is a combination for success IMHO.