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This Vietnamese Soccer Goalie Saved a Last Minute Penalty and Then Had the Best Celebration of All-Time

Wow, what a turn of events! It looked like this goalie had lost his team the game after conceding a penalty kick in the last minute, but that's when the fun was just getting started.

My guy saves the penalty — and subsequently the game — and decided he wasn't quite done with the ref that called the foul. This is an undeniably awesome celebration, but I really don't know why he would have been so upset at that ref. The goalie decked the opposing player and looked like he even pulled his hands back from going for the ball to level his shoulder into him. That's a foul, brother.

But all is forgiven as long as the score stays level at the end, I guess. And as soon as he made sure the ball was cleared and the game was over, the goalie knew just where he was headed to perform a rock band guitarist knee slide right into the referee's face. This man is a legend.

Unfortunately, he plays for a club that is anti-fun and he is serving a two-game suspension.

Do y'all want people to watch Vietnamese soccer or not? Let the kids play.