Oh God, There's Much More To Shrimpammon Toast Crunch And It's 1,000 Times Worse


Like 5 minutes ago I blogged about how Jensen tweeted that he found shrimp in his box of CTC. I started scrolling his timeline right after, and it turns out there is more to this story than meets the eye. Also, if you immediately go "it's fake", I guess I don't blame you because the internet is full of fake shit, but I have a good feeling this one is real. 





Me too, Seth Rogen. Absolutely disgusting.

But wait, there's more!










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So looks like a critter made a home in his bag of CTC, General Mills told him it's just sugar, and now he has to never eat cereal again. The good news is he caught it earl….oh god



Well it was a good run, but now you have to light yourself on fire. 



I think Jensen should get to own General Mills now? He is the new owner. He runs the show. Anything less would not be enough.