Over The Weekend A Marlins Security Guard Banged A Trash Can For Alex Bregman's Entire At-Bat

The Astros played the Marlins this weekend and as we creep closer to Opening Day the big guys are pretty much in the lineup every day so naturally Alex Bregman was in the lineup. Now I'm not sure if you remember, but the Astros were in some hot water 2 seasons back for their gigantic cheating scandal. Trash cans, video cameras, maybe buzzers, the whole 9. People were setting over/unders on how many times the Astros were going to be hit last year, it was a whole big thing. Obviously with no fans in the stands we didn't get to see the onslaught of boos, buzzer jokes, and trash can banging from the fans that would have followed the Astros around everywhere. It would have been glorious. We got robbed of some fantastic trolling content. 

This security guard was probably tossing and turning for a week before the Astros game. "Do I make a buzzer? Maybe just bang the trash can. Pretend to operate a camera behind center field?" He knew he had to take matters into his own hands and really show Alex Bregman who was boss. He needed to show that we the people still remember what that team did to us, the fans. So what does he do?

"Now batting, number 2, Alex Bregman" BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG on that trash can on at-bat long. No forgiveness, no surrender from the security guard. Normally he's throwing out the people who are yelling obscenities and hitting stuff in the park, now the tides have turned and HE'S the one banging on the trash can. I can't wait for the videos of fans getting kicked out of ballgames for going to town on Houston and the guys that cheated, they thought they got off free last year, they were wrong.

Now Bregman did strike out looking in the at-bat so maybe the banging worked? Regardless it's hilarious that a security guard from the MARLINS, a team that wasn't even involved in the cheating scandal felt he had to take matters into his own hands and show the Astros some justice. Thank you for your service, security guard from the Marlins.