Why Does The Big 10 Continuously Suck In The NCAA Tournament?

Alright so the biggest story in the NCAA Tournament after the first weekend is how much the Big 10 has sucked. This was *supposed* to be the best conference in recent history. This was supposed to be some sort of unbelievable conference. Now they have,, pulls up notes, one team in the Sweet 16. That one team is Michigan, a No. 1 seed. Pretty much an entire failure of the conference in the postseason.

But there are two things worth talking about here. 1) How do you properly judge the NCAA Tournament and 2) why does the Big 10 suck? First, the properly judge factor. Is it stupid to make general statements about a conference over one year of the NCAA Tournament? Of course. No one is out here saying the Summit League is as good as the Big 10 because they have the same amount of Sweet 16 teams. Pretty standard thought process here. Howevah, the Big 10 does suck in this event.

No titles in 20 years despite consistently being called some sort of awesome conference. Why? They don't have guard play. The Big 10 relies on being 'BIG TEN TOUGH' as so many people love to point out on Twitter during games. But the problem is that's not how you win. Think about the All-Big 10 teams, it was Ayo and then 5 centers. You can't be playing through traditional centers in 2021. Michigan works because of Franz Wagner and Isaiah Livers. Baylor works because they can go Mark Vital at the 5 spot or 4-out, 1-in. Gonzaga works because Corey Kispert is a 4. Look at who is in the Sweet 16. You know who has the worst offense? Oral Roberts. Yep, the same Oral Roberts with Max Abmas and Kevin Obanor. 

It's cliche as shit but you really do need awesome guards and a decent offense to win in March. The Big 10 typically doesn't have that. Was the conference overrated? Nope. It's just what it is. They have a decent regular season,beating up on each other and making it seem like there really aren't bad losses and then they stink in the NCAA Tournament. At some point you just gotta admit that's what this conference is and will be.