Literally Everything You May Have Missed From Day 4 Of The NCAA Tournament

Can we say yesterday sucked? Because it sucked. Now I'm not complaining, it happens every single year, but we always get one day of duds. It's also starting to be chalk on the left side of the bracket and complete haywire on the right. But it was a fairly boring day, which will be worth it next weekend because the Sweet 16 games on the left side of the bracket are awesome. There's plenty to get through and we're going to run through this every day. Let's roundup. 

No. 7 Oregon (95), No. 2 Iowa (80)

Just a complete and utter ass kicking by Oregon. I was curious to see how Oregon looked without having to play the first round game against VCU, didn't matter. They knew they couldn't stop Luka Garza and this is where Dana Altman is such a damn good coach. He dared everyone else to beat him. He was fine with Luka going and getting his 25+, he ran that morphing zone, he ran some man just to dare everyone else on Iowa to step up. They didn't. At the same time Iowa couldn't defend shit yesterday (or all season). It was a complete mismatch. Iowa tried to run that zone that tricked people into thinking it was decent defensively and Oregon just easily split the top two defenders and either hit that jumper or kicked to an open three when Iowa collapsed. 

No. 1 Gonzaga (87), No. 8 Oklahoma (71)


This team is so fucking fun man. You wanna try and take away Suggs and Kispert go ahead. They'll feed Drew Timme. Oh they still have Joel Ayayi too. Or they have Andrew Nembhard as a fifth option. Or they bring in Anton Watson to get a couple cheap buckets. Oklahoma didn't even play bad. They actually had the lead early. Austin Reaves was putting on a show. But Gonzaga just settled in with its controlled chaos offensively. They get into transition and look for the quick hitter. If it's not there, it's a quick swing about the perimeter and then either an attack off the bounce or dump it to Timme. They made Oklahoma completely change everything since Oklahoma typically runs a drop defense daring teams to shoot over them. 

No. 11 UCLA (67), No. 14 Abilene Christian (47)

This might have been the least shocking result of the day. Why? Simple. Abilene Christian relies completely on forcing teams over defensively to start any sort of offense. UCLA is a top-40 team in turnover percentage. They have too many guys that can beat you off the dribble. Also credit to Mick Cronin here. He's been offensively-challenged for years. It's what people bitched about at Cincinnati. Right now he's playing a more modern lineup. He's got shooting in Johnny Juzang (miss you). He's got Tyger Campbell who he just lets cook off the dribble. They were for sure a let down during the regular season, but here we are in March. 

No. 5 Creighton (72), No. 13 Ohio (58)


Can we redo this game? We deserved better. It was supposed to be Marcus Zegarowski vs Jason Preston back and forth all day. Now you're going to want to sit down for this. Creighton won because of its … defense. I know, weird to type. But this is sort of what Creighton has done recently (not against Georgetown). They are a decent defensive team with the ability to switch basically anything and everything. From there they know they can get buckets and that's what happened yesterday. They held Preston to 1-for-10. They didn't let Ohio beat them on the pick and pops or slip screens. Kinda fitting that everyone was picking against Creighton and Nova yet here we are. 2 for 2 in the Sweet 16.

No. 1 Michigan (86), No. 8 LSU (78)


There was the first real test for Michigan. I wanted to see how they'd handle LSU and vice versa. LSU tends to show up in these sort of games and they did again. Shit, it honestly looked like LSU was going to run Michigan out to stat before everything settled in. This was a game where not having Isaiah Livers could hurt Michigan. What a dumb thought that was. It was an 8 point win, relatively comfortable in the second half after a 9-0 run with 8 minutes to go gave them the lead. I'll tell you what I really like about this Michigan team? Chaundee Brown off the bench. Feels like a cheat code that you get another versatile wing with size and someone that can shoot. They are just still so damn talented. 

No. 4 Florida State (71), No. 5 Colorado (53)

Oh what's that? Yep, that's me falling in love with this Florida State team again. That's me falling in love with the press. That's me falling in love with RaiQuan Gray's unique game and MJ Walker and Scottie Barnes. That's what Florida State has done to me all year. It's a standard Leonard Hamilton team. They run 10 deep. They press. They have a ridiculous amount of size. They have NBA talent. They have top recruits. They absolutely just stifled McKinley Wright, one of the best guards in the country. 

No. 2 Alabama (96), No. 10 Maryland (77)


At least Maryland had that win over UConn. That was fun. It's the closest Turg will get to beating a top team since he hasn't beaten a top-6 seed since 2006. This game wasn't even close. Alabama just beat the shit out of Maryland. It was a complete mismatch at any and every point at the game. Alabama knew they were better. They didn't even get a great game out of Herb Jones. John Petty was awesome. Jaden Shackelford was good. They just toyed with Maryland. I feel inclined to say it every time, but remember Alabama also has a top-5 defense in the country to go with that offense. 

No. 6 USC (85), No. 3 Kansas (51) 

What's one last ass kicking to end the day? Because that's exactly what USC did. Hell, that's what the Pac-12 did all first weekend. I do like this USC team a lot. They have a top-3 NBA pick in Evan Mobley. They have his 7-foot brother who is talented. They have good enough guard play. They also can do this defensively. It didn't matter what Kansas ran, they just were able to sit or switch. It didn't matter if Jalen Wilson played or not. This is all about USC for me. Fucking Walton was right.