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Danny Ainge And The Celtics Are Reportedly The Leaders In The Chase For Aaron Gordon

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.

OK, so here's where we stand as of the writing of this blog. The Magic want two first round picks and a young player for Aaron Gordon. Not exactly an outrageous ask. According to reports, Ainge has put those picks on the table and are the leaders in the clubhouse. There's also this info to consider as well

Boston, multiple sources confirmed, has offered two first-round picks. No other teams on the board have yet to reach that offer level. It’s not known yet what types of protections are attached to those talks but there is an assumption there will be some, if not significant, protections on the first-rounders. 

Additionally, the framework involves Evan Fournier going to Boston, with the Celtics sending a player, the two picks, and using their Traded Player Exception from the Gordon Hayward trade.

As to the player, negotiations continue with the Magic preferring Marcus Smart while Boston is reluctant to part with their longtime emotional heartbeat and All-Defensive Team guard.

OK so this is where things get a little confusing. If Gordon is going to go into the TPE, the only way to also bring in Fournier is finding like $18M. To me this probably went with the Magic asking for Smart, and telling them they'll pass back Fournier. I'm all set with that. The whole idea should be adding while not trading Smart. If you can do that with two first round picks and a young wing to replace Fournier who is a UFA….you do it. Immediately.

There's also this to consider. Let's say this is only a deal for Gordon. Well, he doesn't take up your entire Hayward TPE. You still have some flexibility to continue to add in the offseason. That's important. Now we have no idea if the Magic would be interested in either Nesmith or Romeo, shit, I'm not sure Romeo is even a real person anymore, but that's probably where Ainge goes. You don't move Smart to bring in Gordon in my opinion. That defeats the whole purpose of making a move like this. You need Smart's playmaking. I think we can all agree that we would much rather do a deal like this than trade Smart for John Collins right?

Seeing as how it's only Monday night and we are a long 3 days until the deadline, there's plenty of time for things to change or for this to fall apart. The point is, this is probably the most real shit has ever been approaching the trade deadline in the last 6 years. Ainge is finally ready to put some first round picks on the table, and it very well might land him a 25 year old versatile forward, something this roster could certainly use.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to refreshing Twitter.