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Florida's Tre Mann Is Distraught Over the Gators' Season-Ending Loss to Oral Roberts. Just Kidding, He's Dancing on Tik Tok

Look, I understand we all grieve in different ways. But if I was a Florida fan — thank God that's not the case — and I saw my team's best player dancing on Tik Tok in full uniform after losing to a 15-seed with a trip to the Sweet Sixteen on the line, I'd be a little perturbed at the outward appearance of the level of care within the program. The only thing worse as a fan than losing to a double-digit seed in March Madness is having to get on social media and see that your team's players have already moved on to the latest Tik Tok trend.

And say what you will about Rick Barnes — I have said PLENTY — but this shit absolutely would not fly. That bad boy would be taken down in seconds. But under Mike White, you can post whatever on Tik Tok after what should be a heartbreaking loss, throw MMA elbows at opponents' temples ... basically anything you want, really.

I just think it's a shame that UF's star player is out here hours after the Gators blew a golden opportunity to potentially make a run in the NCAA Tournament begging for likes on Tik Tok. Even Florida fans deserve better than that, and they don't really deserve much of anything.