Have You Ever Wondered About What It Would Look Like If The Michigan Had A Baby With A Sonk? Think No Further

*inhales deeply*


Goodness gracious me oh my. What a play. What a set of cajones on these two. This is one of those plays that you can only draw up while you're just fucking around during practice. It's certainly not something you can teach. It's certainly not something that a coach is going to draw up. It's just the boys dicking around during practice and coming up with some crazy nonsensical hypothetical plays to run. And then when the moment arrives, these two beauticians executed it to perfection. 

I've mentioned before on this very website that I'm starting to experience some serious Michigan fatigue. The move starts to lose value when you see it being pulled multiple times per week at multiple different levels of the game. It got a little bit of life injected into it when Svechnikov broke it out in the NHL, but now it's back to almost being a regular part of the game. But the Michisonk? Now this is a move that I can get behind. This is what being a sneaky bastard is all about. 

Just watch the goalie. He thinks he knows exactly what is coming as soon as 53 starts to get a little flex on his stick. So many goalies try to go pipe-to-pipe from their knees and forget to cover up that top corner. This goalie saw what he thought was about to go down and cheated all the way to that back pipe still on his feet. Thought he had it all worked out and then...


Smell ya later, kid. Thought you were denying a highlight but turns out you just witnessed one of the slickest of the season. Tough break. Hate to love to see it.