The NCAA Women's Tournament Featured the Worst Call in the History of Organized Basketball

I know there weren't very many — er, any — of us watching the 8/9 matchup in the Hemisfair Region of the NCAA Women's Tournament between Florida State and Oregon State on Sunday, but can we talk about this traveling violation? I don't want to be hyperbolic, but I genuinely think this is right up there with the worst officiating calls ever made in organized basketball.

Honestly, I've been sitting here trying to come up with some sort of justification for how one could even think a travel occurred here. Like, referees get calls wrong all the time, but at least they're usually bang-bang plays with binary outcomes — a block/charge or a which team a ball last touched. But I don't even understand how someone who's supposed to be trained in this sort of deal sees a girl with the ball get body checked to the floor and calls it a travel. She doesn't go to the floor with the ball or do anything that would even make it technically possible for this to be traveling. Calling this an offensive foul would have been more justifiable.

The Oregon State player couldn't believe what she was seeing. She instinctively put her hands up, which is what every player does immediately after they commit a very obvious foul, and then started clapping as awkwardly as humanly possible after the ref circled his hands around four or five times and she was sure he was actually calling a traveling violation.

If you're the player that got called for a travel here, you absolutely have to get a technical foul and it would be perfectly acceptable to get thrown out of the game, as well. You will never have a better opportunity to say whatever you want to an official and have none of the blame put on you. Just let it all out.