This Angels Fan Saved A Woman From Getting Hit In The Head By A Ball Using His Beer Can As A Shield And The Angels Rewarded Him In A Big Way

We've all had this thought run through our head while at a baseball game. "What would you do if a ball was screaming back at you with 0 time to react?" Well this guy at the Angels game on Saturday found himself in that situation, and he did what any of us would do. Take his $16 beer and use it as a shield. Ball was scorched back behind third base and you legit have no time to react, hence why nets have been installed, and for good reason. No one needs to get hurt from these balls because no one pays attention at baseball games. You're looking around, on Insta, on twitter, looking up scores, placing bets, you're not watching the game. So when you hear that crack you just react. Bring your beer up and hope to god the ball hits the can and not your sternum. 

This photographer was able to capture the moment the ball smoked the beer can and the results are pretty wild. That ball is SCREAMING back behind the third base dugout and the lady in the blue has no clue. The guy in the red hat doesn't have time to think and throws his arms up and the ball hits the beer can. 

Fight or flight baby, he could have hit the deck and bailed, but it would have been a baddddd scene. That can looked like it got hit with a missile, and look at that second picture, beer showers for everyone in section 22. This photographer really helps capture how close the lady was to getting hit by that ball, thats terrifying. And she had no idea! Like I was saying, no one pays attention at games so it's terrifying to sit up that close, have to keep your head on a swivel. 

The Angels rewarded this guy with a nice bag of beers and a Mike Trout signed bat, pretty awesome reward for him. I hope she thanked him too, especially after seeing those pictures. A nice piece for the man cave, and if these two are a couple, I'm sure it'll make a pretty funny story. "Yeah, Crystal was on her phone dropping likes on Insta and I jumped in the way of a foul ball, saved her life. Angels gave me this signed bat from the best player in baseball." You have to frame those pictures too I think. Way to act quick, buddy.