The Arkansas/Texas Tech Game Was AWESOME And Nobody Does NCAA Tournament Celebrations Better Than Eric Musselman

Muss Buss baby! I know he's one of us. I know he's a Stoolie. But this guy can fucking coach. Plain and simple. Year 2 at Arkansas and he's got them back in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1996. That's so damn long ago. But what a game. It had it all from big time shots, shitty officiating and a defensive stop. You had this completely soft technical foul when it felt like Arkansas was going to blow the game open: 

It should be a technical foul if you don't hang on the rim. The back to back banked threes were truly a special moment in the Tournament. 


Then you had the final play of the game: 

Just unbelievable defense there. It's hard to argue with what Tech did. Yes, you want Mac to have the ball but they had a layup. Defense pushed them into making the shot more difficult than what it was but it was open. They didn't settle for some jumper or a three. They went to the rim. They made the smart play. 

Justin Smith has been a damn star: 

I really think this was the most mutually competitive game so far of the Tournament. Both teams brought it. Arkansas held on. But it didn't feel like either team played bad or 'lost' it. It felt like Arkansas won it. That's always what makes it an awesome game. But now we have Arkansas in the Sweet 16. Muss Buss is rolling. Nobody celebrates like Eric Musselman.

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