Sweet 16 Bound! Flamethrower Buddy Boeheim And Syracuse Upset 3 Seed West Virginia

AJ Mast. Shutterstock Images.

A tale as old as time. From almost missing the tournament to dancing their way to the Sweet 16, Syracuse is out here taking down teams left and right. Buddy Fucking Boeheim. I asked last game if Buddy is this year's Jimmer Fredette. He did nothing in the 2nd half to steer me away from that suggestion. The kids call this man a walking bucket and he's so much fun to watch. 

If he's on the right side of half court he's in range. Incredible to watch that man pull up with his flamethrower. Now we get at least one more game of this man and a basketball in his hands. 

Syracuse did their best to Syracuse this game at the end. McNeil was also unconscious for a stretch of time. If he had the ball in his hands I assumed West Va was about to get themselves 3 more points. 


I'm not sure they know you can inbound to other spots on the floor that are not in the corner. That last 50 seconds or so was textbook in what not to do in basketball. Joe Girard played well in this one, but that front end miss on the one and one was so classic JG3. 

Great win for the Orange, and a great win for Glenneth Balls who now is the part owner of a bitcoin. Well done sir. The gambling gods got his back today after Karime's fuckery.