Imagine Getting Your Ass Kicked, Looking Into The Stands And These Are The People Dancing On Your Grave

Just a straight up ass kicking from start to finish. Loyola took Ayo completely out of the game. The Illinois role players did nothing for them.Kofi was lost defensively. Porter absolutely took Underwood to a coaching clinic. But then you have to look up and see ... this? This man hitting whatever move you want to call it: 

Eerily similar to this: 

TOUGH look for Illinois to get dominated by a harmonica player on the court, an egomaniac nun and her advanced analytics prayer and then these people in the stands.

Credit to Loyola. Illinois was NEVER in this game. Like I said, Loyola just took them completely out of what they wanted to do. Just a completely dominant defensive effort. I'll let Carl and Dante yell to each more in the blog.