Paul Hiepler Is Officially In The Bench Mob Hall Of Fame After Tonight's Performance

0 minutes. 0 shots. 0 points. Doesn't fucking matter. This dude put on a SHOW tonight. We know it's weird times, we're not talking about. Benches gotta create energy with minimal fans there, especially for the underdog. Typically we hear arenas all band together for the little guy. For Abilene Christian? You got a Bench Mob Hall of Famer. The face of a man who is not to be trifled with: 

Hit em with the Horns Down ASAP

He waited his entire life to hit the horns down and he delivered. My man even got a piggy back ride. 

If you can't become a March legend like Max Abmas by scoring a ton of points, you go this route. You become a bench mob legend. Long live Paul Hiepler. Hit the dance now ACU.