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All Of The Anger Texas Fans Have Towards The Ref Should Be At Shaka Smart And Its Shitty Turnovers Instead

Everybody saw the end of the game. Was it a foul? Of course. But at the same time the entire second half was people getting bloodied with no foul calls. Sure, we can argue the call in the moment and consistency, but Texas never should have been in that spot. The anger needs to be at Shaka Smart and its play on the court. 23 turnovers. Yes, Abilene Christian wants to force you into turnovers and that's what its defense does. But Texas plays THREE guards. Why aren't you pushing tempo? Why are you playing a slowed down game in the halfcourt and letting ACU get into its defensive sets. Not only that, the three guards are all upperclassmen. What the fuck are you doing? They played like the mid-major. Why are you letting the mid-major dictate tempo? Texas is at its best when its flying around. Like I said, this is a clear foul: 

What it also did was show why you go to the rim instead of settling for a shitty stepback jumper. Refs will blow the whistle, no matter what the flow has been like during the game. It was a busted possession and they still got the points. Credit to Pleasant here. The dude is a 58% free throw shooter and just cashed the two biggest ones of the game. No doubt on those. 

How about the celebration after ACU won too? I love the kid who played zero minutes going horns down right away

Back to Texas for a second. We're going to need an explanation here because no one seems to have one just yet: 

He didn't turn it over. He hit a three. Why is the lottery pick sitting on the bench? Why are you trying to close games with Kai Jones, Brock Cunningham and Jericho Sims? Nothing makes sense here. Shaka was outcoached completely by this guy. 

Abilene Christian, Ohio, Oral Roberts and North Texas all fighting for a spot in the Sweet 16 just like we all expected. 

How do you lose to a team when stats look like this?