Literally Everything You May Have Missed From Day 2 Of The NCAA Tournament

All this Tournament does is deliver. Doesn't matter who is playing, doesn't matter the day, doesn't matter if it's all in Indiana. Sure, it wasn't as upset filled as the first day, but we still had plenty of intrigue. Teams advancing that needed wins. Upsets. Close games. There's plenty to get through and we're going to run through this every day. Let's roundup. 

No. 5 Colorado (96), No. 12 Georgetown (73) 

This was all about Colorado. Jabari Walker hit roughly 100 threes in the first half, give or take a few. McKinley Wright did McKinley Wright things. This isn't about Georgetown. This is about the potential of Colorado. Obviously when you shoot like that you can beat anyone, but more the fact that Colorado has the pieces to make a run. They have the star in Wright. They have the unique mismatch with Battey. They have depth. 

No. 4 Florida State (64), No. 13 UNC-Greensboro (54) 

This game was … weird. Florida State in both halves, pushed the lead to double digits before UNC-G cut it to single digits. I'm honestly shocked it was this close. I loved this UNCG team and Isaiah Miller, but Florida State was a horrendous matchup for them. They take away everything that UNCG typically does well, but it didn't matter. They kept hanging around, hanging around until late. I still like this FSU team. It's hard not to. RaiQuan Gray really might be the most underrated player in the country. He needs to be talked about more. 

No. 3 Kansas (93), No. 14 Eastern Washington (84)


What, you thought this would be about Kansas winning? Fuck no. This is about the legend that is Tanner Groves. See, that's the beauty of the NCAA Tournament. Kansas was supposed to win - even with the COVID problems and all. Instead all everyone could talk about were the Groves brothers. They combined for 58. They put on a hell of a show. Yes, Kansas scored. They should, especially against EWU's defense. I still have concerns what they do against a more athletic and longer style of team like USC, especially without Jalen Wilson. Shout out EWU though. We'll remember Tanner Groves. We'll remember the cover. 

No. 8 LSU (76), No. 9 St. Bonaventure (61)


I'll tell you what - LSU was one of the most impressive teams today. The thing with them is they tend to play up to competition and can lay and egg when playing a team that doesn't fire them up. They were coming off that brutal loss at the buzzer to Alabama in the SEC title game. Easy letdown spot. There was a slow start. 6 points combined for the first 6 minutes or something like that. But then Cam Thomas got hot - remember, he's the 4th leading scorer in the country. This is what LSU can do when they are locked in. They can really dictate tempo, get you playing uncomfortable and push leads. 

No. 1 Michigan (82), No. 16 Texas Southern (66) 

Legit nothing notable in this game except for the fact that Isaiah Livers didn't play. It sounds more and more like he's just out with that foot injury. It's a brutal loss. Just an absolutely brutal loss. Yes, Michigan can still make a Final Four, but I don't think of them as a title team without him. I said it before but what Livers does on offense is space the floor so Dickinson has room to play in the post alone. Johns clogs it up more. Again, Michigan did what it had to here. Beat Texas Southern easily and move on. 

No. 5 Creighton (63), No. 12 UCSB (62) 


By far the best game of the day in my eyes. It was close the entire time. Both teams had balanced scoring. Somehow UCSB just biffed it. I mean, I get it. Dude went up soft either expecting contact or looking for contact instead of just finishing and threw it off. I can't believe that happened still. UCSB is a disciplined team. Credit to Creighton though. Got their ass kicked by Georgetown in the Big East title game and drew a tough first round matchup. Zegarowski had 17 and hit some big time shots in the game. They still run beautiful sets and have different ways to kill you with that spread offense. Again it came down to one shot though. UCSB just missed it. 

No. 2 Alabama (68), No. 15 Iona (55) 


This game was shockingly close. It looked like Bama was going to win this by 30 early, but Iona ended the half on a run and played them tough for most of the second half. I still can't stop laughing at Pitino on the sidelines though. The fact he wore an suit the entire season while everyone else was in a polo shirt is just peak Pitino. But, we're talking Bama here. I think it's need to be said again, that you can't just look at scores when talking about Bama. They have a top-10 defense in the country. They are versatile, guys like Ellis really make it tough. Sure, the offense is what draws peoples eyes. They either get to the rim or shoot threes. It's a little Nova-esque in the sense of there aren't sets. It's go make a play and beat the guy defending you. 

No. 6 USC (72), No. 11 Drake (56)


I really like this USC team man. Sure it helps that they have a future top-5, maybe top-3 pick in Evan Mobley out there. But they also have guys like Drew Peterson (unfortunate name) from the guard spot who can go get you 15. They can suffocate teams like Drake defensively. They have length. That's really what happened here. Drake still doesn't have a fully healthy Hemphill and Penn. It showed. This matchup against Kansas should be awesome. That's a sneaky best game of the day type. 

No. 2 Iowa (86), No. 15 Grand Canyon (74) 


Way to play for the cover Grand Canyon. Love getting that win. Again, Iowa did what they were supposed to. That's mostly the theme from today's games. We didn't have Oral Roberts again. We had Garza for 24 and Iowa comfortably lead all game. I do want to see what happens now against Oregon. We've never really seen this before in the sense of Oregon not playing, obviously we know what happened there. I think Oregon's wings can bother Iowa but they don't have anyone to defend Garza. 

No. 10 Maryland (63), No. 7 UConn (54) 


Again, I'll repeat what I said in the one blog. This is Mark Turgeon's best coaching job ever. This team isn't good. But he's got them in the round of 32 because he finally committed to just playing the best 5. He stopped trying to go with traditional lineups because that's how he did it before. Also UConn's first half of 22 points and 18 offensive rebounds is still the most baffling line I've seen. It's impossible to do that. You luck into dunks. Somehow not scoring more there is shocking.

No. 13 Ohio (62), No. 4 Virginia (58) 


Sure this was an upset, but everyone was on Ohio for good reason. They are fucking awesome. They also have the perfect offense against Virginia's Packline. I've talked about it before, but you have the star in Jason Preston. You surround him with Vander Plas and Roderick. They were able to draw out and shoot over the Packline. A nice little 16-2 run in the second half to take the lead and push it up. I love watching Preston though man. He flirted with a triple double. He didn't force anything. He just played his game, hit a couple big shots during the run and the nto seal the game delivered two beautiful passes. 

No. 8 Oklahoma (72), No. 9 Missouri (68)

I'm not going to lie this is embarrassing as shit for Missouri. Oklahoma playing without Harmon and they had to play from behind pretty much the entire game. Also throw in the fact when they were down 3 with the ball, 20 seconds to go, they dicked around and then threw it into the post with 3 seconds left. What the fuck? It made NO sense. Credit to Oklahoma. They are now 6-2 in games when missing a starter/key player. They just find different ways to win whether it's Manek pick and pop, Austin Reaves taking over, etc. 

No. 1 Gonzaga (98), No. 16 Norfolk State (55) 


Yep Gonzaga is awesome. Let's move on. 

No. 11 UCLA (73), No. 6 BYU (62) 

There it is. UCLA keeps the trend of winning a First Four game then winning its first round game. UCLA was up the entire time. They are starting to figure it out and it's due to Mick adapting and playing more of a small ball game. They also are getting help from guys all over. Against Michigan State it was Jaquez that had the big game. Today it was Juzang. This team can score. They have a bunch of guys - especially Tyger Campbell, that can break you down and get their own bucket. 

No. 14 Abilene Christian (53), No. 3 Texas (52) 

And there it is. Truly the biggest upset of the day comes from Texas and in the last game. Abilene Christian gets the foul call with under 2 seconds to go because they smartly went to the rim. 58% shooter drills two free throws bam. To me this loss is on the Texas guards and Shaka Smart. None of what they did made sense. 23 turnovers, they never forced tempo, Greg Brown played 6 minutes. Just a complete disaster through and through. But this was an Abilene game. There's a reason they are one of the best defensive teams in the country. There's a reason they force so many turnovers.