Holy Fuck, We Actually Have A NCAA Tournament Game Canceled - VCU Has To Forfeit Its Game Against Oregon

I can't believe it actually happened. A game was just canceled because of COVID protocols. Remember the NCAA said it was supposed to be '5 players' and there would be a game. But at the same time there are county protocols to deal with. We don't know who is positive or contact tracing or what. 

I feel horrible for VCU. No team should lose the NCAA Tournament because of COVID protocols. If they don't have 5 players, I get it. But we haven't heard anything yet. Just horrible for this to be such an awesome day and a half and now this huge black mark. Remind me why we didn't push the NCAA Tournament again? At least let these guys truly bubble up. I don't know, it just sucks. Brutal beat for VCU. Bones Hyland was due to put on a show. We'll wait to see what else is said.