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Your Family, Your Religion And Rutgers Basketball - For The First Time In THIRTY EIGHT Years Rutgers Won An NCAA Tournament Game

Rutgers stand up! Grease trucks stand up! Steve Pikiell made a promise of dancing when he was doing his introductory press conference and he's absolutely delivering. Rutgers should have been in the NCAA Tournament last year before it got canceled. This year they battled a bunch of injuries, got in as a 10 seed and then had a hell of a game against Clemson. I still can't believe this busted play worked out for them to seal the game

Listen, we can absolutely question Clemson's decision making here. There was just a 6 second difference in clock and shot clock. Why wouldn't you foul and extend the game? Rutgers is a 63% free throw shooting team. Not great! Not great at all. Even Geo Baker is *just* 75%. You have plenty of time to extend the game. Best case scenario you're getting the ball off a rebound with 6ish second left, no timeouts and have to get a decent look. Makes no real sense to me here, even with Rutgers offense struggling. Shit, even in this game Rutgers was 6-for-9 from the line. You absolutely have to put them there. Bizarre all around.

But it doesn't matter. Rutgers got the break and the win. They get Houston now, who lost DeJon Jarreau tonight and we have no idea if he'll play Sunday or not. Worth noting, that's all. Our guy TJ might have summed it up perfectly.