North Texas Star Javion Hamlet's Dad And His Awesome Sweatshirt Just Stole The Damn Show During Its Upset Of Purdue

Just an all-time dad power move to rock a sweatshirt with your kid's face and accomplishment all over it. Might have to get one for my dad: 


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Once gave Dave two winning picks in a day

Think he'd appreciate that. 

Back to this game though. North Texas controlled that game, despite not scoring late in regulation. Just straight up took Purdue out of its game. Yeah Jaden Ivey was awesome because he's going to win Big 10 POY at some point in his career (if he stays). But North Texas slowed the game down, made Trevion Williams work for shots and then took over in overtime. This is a team that just did that to Charles Bassey at WKU. This is what North Texas does. They defend their ass off, make you work and then Hamlet gets them buckets. He finished with 24, 12 and 5. Pretty good! Oh, not to mention Hamlet didn't have any Division I offers, went to JuCo and ended up with North Texas. How can you not love that sort of story? 

We need North Texas to keep on rolling here. I don't have a sweat with them in #BarstoolBracketBlockers (#GiveReagsATeam) but mostly because of this family section. You have the coach's family losing their shit with the daughter going ice in the veins, the son windmilling until his arm falls off and the wife hitting the most aggressive woo this side of Ric Flair. Just putting on a damn show in the crowd. 

PS: Another Big 10 team down ... hmmm.