Kenny Golladay Has Left Giants HQ Without A Contract But There Appears To Remain Interest On Both Sides To Get A Deal Done

So it looks like the Giants wined, dined, and proverbially 69'd Kenny Golladay over the last 24 hours but we don't have his name signed on the bottom of a contract. Does it concern me that having a sleepover with Coach Judge and watching college hoops all day with the fellas at MetLife Stadium didn't end with Ian Rapoport tweeting that Danny Dimes finally got his WR1? A little. But the fact that everyone seems to like each other and nothing with Golladay's hip caused the Giants to pass is a good thing. Do I wish that I had the last day of my life back instead of refreshing Twitter nonstop on one of the best TV days of the year? DEFINITELY. But it looks like all we need is for our GM to negotiate a fair contract that makes Golladay happy while also not negotiating against himself to making him the highest paid wide receiver in history. 

Should be a fun weekend!